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Functional and Funded has been written for fundraisers, both nonprofit and entrepreneurial. First, a reader will discover strategies that prove beneficial EVERY time an opportunity to seek resources presents itself. This will lead to an incontestably powerful proposal that can be used whether encountering the rigors of competing for grant funds, weighing in to the crowded realm of crowdfunding, or as the basis for making a strong appeal while sitting down face to face with an individual donor. Second—and this is where the sub-title, The Inside-Out Strategy for Developing Your Nonprofit's Resources, comes into play—the author has used his accumulated experience to develop a signature approach to the ever-present need to build funding proposals. The book comes with real life examples to dissect, a section on focused internet resource links for the proposal writer, and a Tool Kit filled with guidance materials available in pdf form on the author's web site.


"Chess advocates getting one's own house in order, getting clear about purpose and about what we already have before asking others for their support. Good sound advice!"

– Bob Stilger, Co-President, New Stories


Harvey Chess freely admits not knowing what he was getting into in 1965 when a recruiter for a new federal agency beguiled him by stating that the organization’s mission was to eliminate poverty in this country. Harvey would also freely admit that the experience was his touchstone and a rare privilege because it marked the consonance between the core values he developed and his work since then. Such work has found him working exclusively with and among people in nonprofit organizations as a well-regarded trainer, peripatetic consultant, and fitful volunteer –– and now as an author. Chess blogs on his two websites, one personal, www.chesspiques.com, the other professional, www.fundednpo.com. Meanwhile, he can be found as a grateful soul sharing his life one day at a time with a beloved partner among the redwoods and near the Pacific in Mendocino County, California.

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