DEVREAUX BAKER / Hungry Ghosts

Thursday September 6 at 6:30

Devreaux Baker & Friends

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With music and guest poet Toni Bernbaum

Devreaux Baker is a poet with the voice and vision of a prophet, a necromancer, a 21st century Cassandra. Hungry Ghosts is one of the most important and beautiful books of our time, the culmination of a lifetime of meditation and examination of our interconnectedness and presence within our environment, our planet, our cosmos. Her poetry is stunning, lyrical, lush and profound; it opens us to a wider consciousness and meaning, a deeper understanding of our world and our responsibility as stewards of that world, the space we inhabit and depend on for existence. It will leave you breathless, depressed, enraged, hopeful, exhilarated. It will remain in your consciousness, your DNA, your soul, forever. As Katherine Hastings says, “A deep wisdom runs throughout Devreaux Baker’s work—a reminder that we are not merely connected to nature, but that we are part of nature itself.” It is a reminder that we all need if we are to survive these precarious and turbulent times. Devreaux Baker has published four collections of poetry prior to this – Light at the Edge (Pygmy Forest Press, 1993), Beyond the Circumstance of Sight (Wild Ocean Press, 2009), Red Willow People (Wild Ocean Press, 2011) and out of the bones of earth (Wild Ocean Press, 2015). She is the recipient of numerous awards and grants, including the 2017 Joe Gouveia Outermost National Poetry Prize, the 2014 Barbara Mandigo Kelley Poetry Peace Prize from the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, the 2012 Poetry Prize from the Center for Women’s Global Leadership, and the 2011 PenOakland Josephine Miles award for poetry. Hungry Ghosts places Baker in the top rank of the most important poets of our time.

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Thursday, September 6, 2018 - 6:30pm to 7:30pm

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