The Little Lark Still Sings (Kobo eBook)

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The Little Lark Still Sings is a true story of a quest for Italy’s sweet life gone awry, then becoming better than the dream.

When Victoria and Larry, happily married for two decades, move to their favorite hilltown in Tuscany, what was a romantic adventure becomes an unexpected drama of perseverance and change. Every day new Italian adventures unfold: beauty, art, architecture, food, and history. But so do unexpected challenges of managing daily life in a foreign culture, surviving the chaos of construction, navigating narrow roads, longing for friends, stumbling with language, obeying rules they don’t understand or agree with — struggles that undermine Victoria’s confidence which, in turn, wear Larry’s patience thin.

Though they share a dream, they discover their personal goals are different. His are to study and write, hers are to create the perfect Italian home and make friends. He needs quiet time; she needs his help. From the joys and near disasters of renovating an ancient stone farmhouse to celebrating their first Italian dinner party, Victoria learns about Italy, herself, and their marriage. In The Little Lark Still Sings, she shares their humorous and character-stretching experiences with insight and wisdom — offering lessons that enchant, encourage, and uplift.