Freedom Over Me: : A Cherokee Boy From Slavery To Freedom (Paperback)

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About the Author

Dr. Neil Cabe came to fiction writing after a career as a clinical counselor, primarily with children. His background as a counselor and a child of southern parents, as well as his enduring encounters with the Cherokee Indians led him to this volume. In this book, he lives through the lives of a 12-year old Cherokee slave boy and a 12-year old son of a North Georgia farmer. The boys grow up together and learn about the farm and its culture, and about Cherokee legends and culture.Together, the two boys escape the South via the Underground Railroad, on routes that are still in existence today. Luke, the Cherokee, goes to Oberlin College in Ohio, which was the first college in the United States to accept children of color. Isaac, his companion, goes north to join with the Union forces to fight against the Confederacy.

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ISBN: 9781986448901
ISBN-10: 1986448908
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: June 30th, 2018
Pages: 196
Language: English