The Peruvian Priestess (Paperback)

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A "Heavenly Healing" is offered to mankind by the Authorities in the form of an implant in the heart which would artificially elevate the frequency of the body so no illnesses or disease can harm us anymore. Eva, having found the crystal disc and decoded the message, urgently wants to awake people to make them see the fatal effects of this manipulated and false redemption. The implant lobby is committed to do anything to have Eva silenced. Kidnapped and hidden in a remote part of the Amazonian rainforest, kept in prison by brutal and primitive hessian on a secret government order, she finally sees God "face-to-face" who liberates her in every respect. Fully awake, transformed, rescued and united with her friends again, Eva shares with her team how to communicate the incredible message to the world. New friends like the Russian metaphysics and secret ex KGB officer Jeszev and American secret service agent Dr. Lepkin, plus the leader of an underworld civilization Tatunka appear on the banks of the Amazon River to help Eva set off for the final part of the Great Mission.So, how can people be saved and life altered for good again on Earth? This will be revealed by the Priestess of ancient civilizations in Peru.In the first book, during her first awaking Eva discovers that the world and the history of humankind are different than taught in school-books. In her second awaking she discovers her transcendent immortal Self and activates her God Genes. In this last book of the trilogy, as the last step of her initiation, Eva faces God - and much to her astonishment, neither God is like it is projected by religions.

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ISBN: 9781701921986
ISBN-10: 1701921987
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: October 23rd, 2019
Pages: 310
Language: English