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Little Movies: tales of love and transformation is a collection of fourteen short stories by Todd Walton. Each of these stories illuminates the transformative power of friendship, emotional honesty, trust, generosity, compassion, and love.

The Screw is a humorous modern parable in which a young woman entrusts the choosing of her husband to her mother, and the comedy drama that ensues.

Mrs. Espy and the Hippy is about an elderly woman reclaiming her true identity through her involvement with her Bohemian gardener and his wife and children.

Zelman's Van tells of the marvelous turning point in an aspiring musician's life.

Naomi Drives To Portland is a funny and poignant story about a gregarious Jewish woman whose life is changed by the young woman with a baby she gives a ride to.

Wade Rises From the Sofa chronicles the events of a few hours in which a man emerges from the depth of an emotional trauma that has entrapped him for years.

Beckman's Daughter is a mini-saga of a man finding love through the loving efforts of his daughter.

Gig's Baby is the story of a man returning to his hometown after a long exile hoping to right the ship of his life, and the fascinating hitchhiker he picks up on the way.

Bernard Comes of Age is a comedy drama about a man living in Los Angeles on the outskirts of show biz, striving for one more success, only to discover what really matters in life is love and friendship.

Tober's Stones is the touching story of two young brothers growing up in the wilds of northern California and their search for a father figure.

Augie and Tober's Quest tells the tale of two brothers seeking an answer to an emotional riddle by sojourning in the wilderness.

Maybe's Good Used Stuff is about long-time friends falling in love.

The Brick Wall is a modern parable of love triumphing over cynicism.

Dante and Edwin is a very funny story of love and devotion involving a man and his dog.

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Publication Date: March 20th, 2020
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