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Usingultra-current global politics and national security issues as his loom, Ridgwayeffortlessly weaves together a complex and intimate human drama in his debut novel Rare Earth: As China's control over the global supply of rare earth minerals begins to unravel, the political fallout threatens to expose a ring of corrupt Chinese officials. Charged with resolving their nation's looming crisis, and facing execution for treasonous crimes should they fail to deliver, these men find what they are looking for on Native American tribal land. The discovery triggers a secret war on a young Shoshone woman and her family. Targeted, and unaware of the coveted treasure beneath their feet, they are unwittingly swept into the fray of political turmoil emanating from other side of the planet. A modern tale of buried treasure, Rare Earth is chock full of action, high stakes drama, and has all the cutting edge technology you could ask for, but it also maintains a swift counter current, an undertow, that causes one to examine what 'treasure' really is. Deftly defying genres, Rare Earth is every bit as much an environmental/political crimethriller as it is a story about human relationships; about love, trust, faith and integrity. Meticulous research, an intricate plot, and vivid characters make Rare Earth a highly entertaining work, and evoke comparisons to the likes of modern storytellers John Grisham and Tom Clancy. Brilliant, moving, Rare Earth is ultimately a cautionary tale regarding our future, and our trust in one another. If you read one book this year, treat your self to this one.

About the Author

An intensely varied and colorful palette of international life experience, a formal degree in theater arts (UCSC) and a passion for the written word, have combined to afford Reid Ridgway his unique storytelling prowess. A father of five, Reid currently resides in Phuket, Thailand with his wife and youngest three children.

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ISBN: 9781631928994
ISBN-10: 1631928996
Publisher: Bookbaby
Publication Date: June 4th, 2015
Pages: 788
Language: English