The Adventures of Tom Sawyer: Code Keepers - Secret Computer Password Organizer (Paperback)

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Hidden in plain sight A computer password organizer disguised as a classic work of literature.

Keep all of your internet passwords in one place, cleverly disguised so prying eyes will never find them. Works perfectly when placed on a bookshelf among other books. Continues to work even if you just leave it out on your desk. Prying eyes will never discover your secret stash of passwords.

This book contains the entire text of "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" by Mark Twain. The book was written in 1884, but it remains an enjoyable classic to read. The first edition cover and internal illustrations were painstakingly restored for use in this new paperback edition. In the middle of the book you will also find 100 pages specifically designed to help you keep all of your internet passwords organized, safe, and secure.

- Each page of the password journal contains lined spaces for the name of the website, your username, your password, and several lines of notes.

- Letter tabs printed on the interior of the book help you organize your website information alphabetically.

- Each lettered section is assigned a number of pages based on the amount of websites that start with this letter. (For example, websites that begin with the letter "S" are the most common, so the S section is given 8 pages. Websites that begin with "X" are the least common, so the X section is only given 2 pages.)

- There is room for 300 different website entries, so you never have to lose an internet password again

See a preview of the book's password organizer pages here:
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ISBN: 9781514337790
ISBN-10: 1514337797
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: June 12th, 2015
Pages: 354
Language: English