Microeconomics in Modules (Paperback)

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Adapted by Paul Krugman and Robin Wells from their bestselling microeconomics textbook, Microeconomics in Modules is the only text for the principles of microeconomics course organized in the supremely accessible, highly effective modular format. Instead of chapters of standard length, the book covers the fundamentals of microeconomics in 45 brief (4-10 page) modules divided into 14 sections.

Microeconomics in Modules offers the best of what makes Krugman/Wells a classroom favorite (story-telling approach, engaging writing, fascinating examples and cases), in a format students and instructors will love. Extensive educational research shows that students absorb more from shorter reading assignments than longer ones. And with coverage in self-contained modules, instructors can assign specific topics without asking students to read entire chapters.

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ISBN: 9781464139048
ISBN-10: 1464139040
Publisher: Worth Publishers
Publication Date: December 27th, 2013
Pages: 564
Language: English